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I'm not saying it won't work, it will.  What I'm saying is that the numpad method was developed for times when no cursor is present.  It wasn't developed to duplicate something that is already present.
It is also more intuitive and more efficient often to use the Windows method where possible. 
Consider one example.  If I want to select two consecutive lines of text in a document, using the Windows method, I start at the beginning of the first line.  If I hold shift and down arrow, one time, I've selected the first line.  Continuing to hold shift and down arrowing again selects the second line.
Compare that with the numpad method.
Start on the first line of text and set the start marker.  Moving to the next line, numpad 9, and setting the end marker doesn't select the whole second line.  it only selects the first line and the first letter of the second line.
So I have to both move to the second line and then move to the end of that line.  in addition, when I select using the Windows method, if I want to, I can move slowly enough to have NVDA say selected, and then announce what I've selected as I move.  You don't hear that when you use the start and end marker method. 
For some reason, I see this sort of question off and on and I wonder how many people don't know about the Windows method.
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Sorry, but this method of copying text is also valid when the text have a cursor...

Rui Fontes

Às 16:48 de 25/11/2019, Gene escreveu:
I don't know what you did but you didn't have to forward the whole message.  it seems that a lot of people don't realize that the method you use to copy to the clipboard is intended only for times when there is no cursor or virtual cursor, such as when you are in a dialog.  Do you know the Windows wey to copy text?  If you don't, I'll explain it.
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Subject: [nvda] what's wrong with start mark/end mark

Hi list ken here I was trying to forward a message to someone and I only wanted the part pertaining to them. But when I tried start mark insert plus f9 and end mark insert plus f10 twice, it only copied one letter. Did it exactly the way it should starting on one line to start mark andhit the insert plus f10 on the line I wanted and it said review copy selection to clipboard but it didn’t copy all I wanted. I had no choice but to forward the whole digest message.  What did I do wrong. 


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