Re: Refreshable Braille Display Help #msftaccessibility #NVAccess


Well as long as it works with open braille and brltty its probably ok.

Of course its going to probably work better with an actual supported driver but brltty is everywhere including linux so if it works with that then it will work with most things supporting that at least.

On 26/11/2019 6:42 am, just1brill@... wrote:
I understand that trying to support a board that won't be comercially available would not be in the interest of developers so I greatly appreciate your help here. The board is recognised as a hardware device by Windows devices (and likely other OSs, but I don't have access to them right now). Unfortunately,our own code is not quite complete but we are definitely making efforts to have it done as quickly as possible (while obviously still being as functional as possible). But, I have taken all of that on board and will go through the process outlined above.

Thanks very much.

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