Insert Key deactivated after shutdown and restart

Ron Canazzi

Hi Group,

I can't quite remember just when this started, but over the past one to two weeks, I have noticed that when I shutdown and restart the computer, when I try to use NVDA desktop keystrokes, the insert key does not interact with the program.  That is to say, pressing insert + T results in just the T being recognized and if on the desktop, I move to the first item that begins with T.  I have checked to see whether somehow the numlock has been turned on and it has not. I have toggled it on and off a few times every time this has occurred to see if that changed anything and it did not.

The way to reactivate the insert key is to shut down and restart NVDA. Since the insert key is not working at this time, I have to use windows key + B to move to the system tray and then use first letter navigation to move to NVDA, then press enter on NVDA and up arrow once to exit and press enter.  Then I can use the NVDA hotkey to restart the program and everything works as it should.

Has anyone else experienced this recently, and if so is there a cause/remedy?

Thanks for any help.

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