Re: socinator


I will do that.

On 11/28/2019 1:11 AM, Sascha Cowley via Groups.Io wrote:

A lot of programs nowadays are actually just web apps bundled for desktop use in their own window. So this may still work. I'd suggest trying object review anyway.

On 28/11/2019 17:06, Governor staten wrote:

This is a program that resides on my computer.

is the website. I should have put that in here before.

On 11/28/2019 1:03 AM, Sascha Cowley via Groups.Io wrote:
I've never heard of this program, and the following might not apply, but it's worth giving it a go.

My (ex) online banking provider's website had a similar problem where all of the dropdowns were labelled as the same thing (presumably through misuse of ARIA). I was able to know which was which by using object review to read the item inside the link for the dropdown, which was the actual text.

Hope this helps.

On 28/11/2019 13:10, Governor staten wrote:
Has anyone ever herd of this program before? I need to try and use it. It is a program that helps you do things on a massive level with social networks.

I can tell you one thing for sure, the tabs all say the same thing. I can't necessarily tell what tab I'm in. Does anyone else have experience with this program?

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