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Rosemarie Chavarria

Hi, Sarah,


I'm tempted to ask the mods to block all this person's messages. Anybody who refuses to update their software or screen readers deserves to be hacked. Sorry to be harsh but maybe this is what it'll take to make this person update their operating system and screen reader.




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Oh, come on! Not again. Just update and get it over with. Do yourself and us a favior as I'm beginign to get the inkling to ask the mods to block every question fo yourse as you are using outdated softwares, and I mean very updated. See you on the otherside if someone hacks your computer because of it. We will not and cannot help you, sorry bud.

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On 29 Nov 2019, at 0:43, zahra wrote:

hi joseph.
does it support my favorite version of nvda, (2017.2)?
God bless you!

On 11/29/19, Joseph Lee joseph.lee22590@... wrote:

Hi all,

Enhanced Touch Gestures 19.11 is now available. Apart from localization
updates, the biggest change is addition of input help mode messages for
additional touch commands that come with this add-on.

IMPORTANT: this version is the last version to be compatible with NVDA
2019.2.1 and earlier.



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