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Regarding separate versions: that's what I'm doing with some add-ons although via development snapshots. I myself have committed to making sure my own add-ons are stable for 2019.3 before doing anything major in 2020.

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You know I do wander with all the incompatabilitys going on we should focus on just conversion of addons to a point, maybe not a complete conversion, but enough of it then upgrade to stable 2019.3 as soon as we can.

True there will be those using old versions but all the addons that ran before the py3 upgrade ie 2019.2x and lower have worked for that system since year 0.

I know that this isn't what users will like and usually I don't say this but since we are getting quite close maybe that could be the way to handle it.

Of course if we are still ages away, the easiest way to handle right now is have both pure 2019.2.1 addons and lower and the new updated versions for py3 for those that want to try them.

For those of us still using the old version we can continue to use it with the functionality we love and know.

On the other hand we should be handling this crap now else it may swamp us later.

Of course added to the mix, we havn't had a large failure rate, most stuff has just moved over rover with little issue on the users.

On 30/11/2019 4:46 am, Joseph Lee wrote:
I'm thinking that part isn't working with NVDA 2019.2.1 (Python 3 optimized
for the most part from what I can gather).

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I also updated the WinAmp add-on to version 1.2 the other day. I can get to
WinAmp just fine, but the playlist editor doesn't work well with NVDA
anymore. Moving through the list with Up and Down arrow doesn't say what
song you're on, and pressing NVDA+Tab won't read the information that way
either now. I ended up having to disable the add-on, and can now move
through the playlist just fine.

Hope this helps.

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