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Well I have emailed the author of the japanese game translater, so either he does or not.

Saying that, we will have to test if addon x though incompatible will continue its function without any issue.

It will be a case by case basis but some of them may just do so others, not so much.

On 30/11/2019 5:41 am, Joseph Lee wrote:
A bit of both: NVDA will keep up to date by itself if you ask it to, but some add-ons will need to be updated as they are not compatible with NVDA 2019.3; for some incompatible add-ons, add-on authors said they will release compatible releases shortly before and after 2019.3 comes out; for others, they are getting onboard, while others may need to be dropped from your system as add-ons people haven't heard from authors in a while. There are at least two add-ons that will become obsolete because 2019.3 will include functionality from these add-ons.

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Trying to keep up-to-date, will NVDA under the newer python simply update itself and continue using its add-ons, or must further contortions be navigated?



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