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I actually agree.

Sadly if the reason you don't want to update is because of accessibility, then you may have to change some of that software.

I had to do this 5 years ago for some of my software.

I had to buy newer software, and change to other software to avoid some issues and upgrades and some I had to do without.

In the last update of the workstation used for most tasks, during the update, I found 4 bits of software that dammaged the system because they were not compatible.

I had to find something that would handle what was needed immediately as I had no choice but to immediately reinstall the system from scratch and also bin the effected software in question.

It hadn't been updated in an age, and users liked it but no good if it caused issues.

I had other software that while it worked was either pirated or spyware ridden.

I had to make a choice when I quit my teen years and started going freelance if I wanted to continuously bother about with alegal and spyware ridden software.

For me I found stuff that was good and works well, but I had to change my viewpoint and it did help in the long run.

One thing to note, is if you have managed to use something that will run on a multios type deal as it allready does that chances are it will run for ever now.

I have just learned that a load of unused software on an almost dead box is no longer developped or used anymore  but thats not a problem as we have moved on but still.

To the person that has issues with updating to newer software, if you can email me a list of software you use, and why you like it there is probably a way out.

winzip is for me 7zip.

nero burning rom is now cdbxp and goldwave.

I have the new applian converters for videos now, abbyy fine reader not k1000 for scanning though that was cash more than anything else, and waterfox classic though you need to hunt for some of the addons I use so it can be done.

I have also brought vmware workstation for os emulation like installing xp but I havn't kept as up to date with my vms as I should.

On 30/11/2019 6:17 am, Rosemarie Chavarria wrote:

Hi, Sarah,


I'm tempted to ask the mods to block all this person's messages. Anybody who refuses to update their software or screen readers deserves to be hacked. Sorry to be harsh but maybe this is what it'll take to make this person update their operating system and screen reader.




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Oh, come on! Not again. Just update and get it over with. Do yourself and us a favior as I'm beginign to get the inkling to ask the mods to block every question fo yourse as you are using outdated softwares, and I mean very updated. See you on the otherside if someone hacks your computer because of it. We will not and cannot help you, sorry bud.

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On 29 Nov 2019, at 0:43, zahra wrote:

hi joseph.
does it support my favorite version of nvda, (2017.2)?
God bless you!

On 11/29/19, Joseph Lee joseph.lee22590@... wrote:

Hi all,

Enhanced Touch Gestures 19.11 is now available. Apart from localization
updates, the biggest change is addition of input help mode messages for
additional touch commands that come with this add-on.

IMPORTANT: this version is the last version to be compatible with NVDA
2019.2.1 and earlier.



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