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Although, there must be some difference some of the time because Firefox has a section for add-ons and extensions.  What is the difference, where it exists?

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For the most part, extensions and add-ons are interchangeable. It is just that we were used to “add-ons”, hence the terminology.




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Hmmm that does bring up a point though.

Everyone is calling addons extentions now.

I am not sure its to late in the piece but I wander what would happen if we called the manage addons function extentions or extention manager or something.

Everything would continue to work as its always done, but everything calling itselff addon would be extention instead of course we can keep the nvda addon package.

Saying that we could just call them packages or modules.

Now nvda package manager sounds a bit linux like and a bit over used but that mistake has got me thinking.

Plugins is another thing, but we could just change things, not much would have to change and just about everyone on the web for chrome etc, is talking about extentions, maybe we should do the same.



On 30/11/2019 6:30 am, Gene wrote:

I meant to say manage add-ons.



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My tools menu doesn't have a "manage extensions," choice.  The only manage choiice is manage addons.

On 11/29/2019 10:50 AM, Gene wrote:

If you didn't manually place it in Winamp, it isn't there. 


In the NVDA menu, open the tools submenu, down arrow to manage extensions, and press enter.  After the dialog opens you are in a list.  Read current line and up and down arrow to see what, if any extensions, are on the machine.



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Where is that extention for winamp and how do I know if I have it loaded or running?  Further, how to get rid of it?  Thanks.

On 11/29/2019 6:29 AM, ken lawrence via Groups.Io wrote:

Hi listers I updated the extention for winamp the other day and as reported originally the extention made winamp invisible the NVDA can’t even read with insirt plus T that you are sitting on winamp. I had to disable the extention.  Just now after downloading a song and tagging in winamp for possible play on a radio show I decided to enable the add on and sure enough winamp vanished.  It is running but I can’t apparently even go to my context menu to view file information.  I can tag files but I have to guess what I’m focused on to do it.  Is anyone else having issues with winamp extention version 1.2? 


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