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But let's keep things as simple as possible if diagnosis is so difficult and may mean a very disruptive solution.
Is the old version of the add-on compatible with the version of NVDA being used?  If so, going back to the old version would be a good solution. 
If you need to run an earlier version of NVDA, then having an earlier version as a portable version would allow you to use it with the older add-on with Winamp and you can use the NVDA version you are currently using for other purposes.  You don't have to update something just because an update is available.  At times, there are good reasons to run an older version of something.

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I hate it when people have issues of this sort.

No virus, weird configuration.

Try to repair windows itself and then if that doesn't work, reformat and see.

Of course, running a pcpitstop test in internet explorer may or may not tell us anything.

Thats about all that a blind person can do.

You need a diagnostics boot cd and a sightling to run diagnostics.

Also you need to get into the cmos and if there is smart system monitering info you need to see what it is maybe even update bios and firmware.

But this is just speculation.

It could be anything from a dieing component, to windows itself, to a dead chip on the board and may be almost impossible to diagnose.

On 30/11/2019 10:01 am, ken lawrence via Groups.Io wrote:
Hi restarting NVDA doesn't work a complete shutdown doesn't work either.  the issue with explorer is one I have encluntered but this is strange winamp completely vanishes. 

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