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Again, joseph, I was not targeting you personally, you're not the problem,

You as community leader were first out of the gun its everyone else.

Well those that havn't checked in at any rate.

Of those, I assume a lot of them unless they have been under a rock know about this.

What may happen is we may have to see what happens on release and how many addons don't pop out.

I think inside the community we are pritty square with a lot of addons.

I repeat, you are not the problem, there may be a few that are either lerking or outside the list that don't keep up with events maybe they have missed stuff.

Everyone on the list that hasn't responded so far will be probably be working on things.

I do know not everyone speaks here.

On 1/12/2019 7:39 pm, Joseph Lee wrote:
Actually, ObjPad is compatible, too - since a few months ago. I guarantee that all my add-ons (except Screen Curtain) are NVDA 2019.3 ready - some are already gearing for future of Python.
Joseph P.S. Apologies for rapid-fire posts.

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I strongly advise running your tests again AFTER updating ALL of these add-ons. I'm happy and disappointed to find that one of my own add-ons is listed in there, especially an outdated version (I don't want to sound rude, but Enhanced Touch Gestures has been compatible since September).

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Subject: [nvda] nvda 2019.3 incompatible addons list

Hi note, this is a list of addons that are not compatible at all at least from the manafests and were tried on a lot of packages.

These are not all addons, some I know have been released, some of these are being worked on and I have allready notified the author of one of them privately.

Excluding the addon I have talked about here is the list.

Note, I think enhanced touch gestures is compatible now.

teamtalk fixes 0.98 found on bareware website.
emoticons 11.0
report symbols 4.8
Note I have not updated these in a while as I don't use some of them.

I do wander if addons documentation could be included in core help menu.

The if interpriters would be nice to.

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