Re: nvda 2019.3 incompatible addons list

Mr. Wong Chi Wai, William <>

I agree with Joseph.

Posting these kind of info should be careful and otherwise you are just spreading fake info and missleading NVDA users.

Joseph Lee 於 1/12/2019 14:33 寫道:

I strongly advise running your tests again AFTER updating ALL of these add-ons. I'm happy and disappointed to find that one of my own add-ons is listed in there, especially an outdated version (I don't want to sound rude, but Enhanced Touch Gestures has been compatible since September).

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Subject: [nvda] nvda 2019.3 incompatible addons list

Hi note, this is a list of addons that are not compatible at all at least from the manafests and were tried on a lot of packages.

These are not all addons, some I know have been released, some of these are being worked on and I have allready notified the author of one of them privately.

Excluding the addon I have talked about here is the list.

Note, I think enhanced touch gestures is compatible now.

teamtalk fixes 0.98 found on bareware website.
emoticons 11.0
report symbols 4.8
Note I have not updated these in a while as I don't use some of them.

I do wander if addons documentation could be included in core help menu.

The if interpriters would be nice to.

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