logging into Zoom With Microsoft Edge Dev and NVDA


Hello, everyone. I"m having an issue, as stated in the subject. When I launch Zoom, and have Edge Dev set as default browser, It brings up a dialog/page. I cannot close it. I cannot move away from it using shift+tab. It is some kind of alert thing going on. I have to close it from task manager.

When it is first launched, I can navigate to a button that says "launch Zoom". It spawns another of these pages/dialogs. Nothing happens. Zoom is not logged into anything. I've not tried to log in using Google, or single sign-in. I login to Zoom via Facebook.

My roommate can login just fine. He uses same version of Edge Dev as I do. However, he uses 2019.2.1. I'm using the latest alpha (NVDA alpha-19346,0c0d88aa). He uses same version of Zoom as well. He logs into Zoom via Facebook. Any help with this one is appreciated.

This is a chunk of my log. Maybe it will help, maybe it won't.

Developer info for navigator object:
name: 'Login with Facebook - Zoom - Microsoft Edge Dev'
roleText: None
isFocusable: False
hasFocus: False
Python object: <NVDAObjects.IAccessible.ia2Web.Ia2Web object at 0x012C5270>
Python class mro: (<class 'NVDAObjects.IAccessible.ia2Web.Ia2Web'>, <class 'NVDAObjects.IAccessible.IAccessible'>, <class 'NVDAObjects.window.Window'>, <class 'NVDAObjects.NVDAObject'>, <class 'documentBase.TextContainerObject'>, <class 'baseObject.ScriptableObject'>, <class 'baseObject.AutoPropertyObject'>, <class 'object'>)
description: ''
location: RectLTWH(left=40, top=30, width=1554, height=980)
value: ''
appModule: <'appModuleHandler' (appName 'msedge', process ID 6708) at address 1320fd0>
appModule.productName: 'Microsoft Edge'
appModule.productVersion: '80.0.334.4'
TextInfo: <class 'NVDAObjects.IAccessible.IA2TextTextInfo'>
windowHandle: 2688070
windowClassName: 'Chrome_WidgetWin_1'
windowControlID: 0
windowStyle: 382664704
extendedWindowStyle: 256
windowThreadID: 24208
windowText: 'Login with Facebook - Zoom and 1 more page - Personal - Microsoft Edge'
displayText: ''
IAccessibleObject: <POINTER(IAccessible2) ptr=0x5ab750c at 7943120>
IAccessibleChildID: 0
IAccessible event parameters: windowHandle=2688070, objectID=-4, childID=0
IAccessible accName: 'Login with Facebook - Zoom - Microsoft Edge Dev'
IAccessible accRole: ROLE_SYSTEM_PANE
IAccessible accState:  (0)
IAccessible accDescription: ''
IAccessible accValue: ''
IAccessible2 windowHandle: 2688070
IAccessible2 uniqueID: -80
IAccessible2 role: ROLE_SYSTEM_PANE
IAccessible2 states: IA2_STATE_OPAQUE (1024)
IAccessible2 attributes: 'class:BrowserRootView;'

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