Re: Why does NVDA say selected instead at times?


I'm curious what changed in NVDA.  It didn't used to do that.  I don't know when it started.

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This happens because text in the run dialogue is selected by default when the dialogue opens. When you use the up and down arrow keys to move through the history of commands you have entered, the text changes, but the selection remains. Windows simply puts the new text into the text field every time you press up or down, but the text never gets unselected before being changed.

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I updated to Windows 7 Service pack 1 recently to try to solve a problem which wasn’t solved in that way.  I had put it off because there was a version of a program I can’t run after the update.  It’s a little less convenient but I can run a newer version and I almost never run it anyway. 
Which is to explain why I hadn’t played with newer versions of NVDA for a good while.  But now, I’m curious about something.  When I am in the run dialog and up and down arrow in the list of things I have run, NVDA says the word instead off and on.  It might say Notepad selected, then if I down arrow, it might say c:\audio selected instead or maybe Wordpad selected instead.  This isn’t consistent and it doesn’t do this in Windows Explorer.  I’m curious why that is.


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