Re: NVDA not reading MS-Word Dialog Boxes

Quentin Christensen

Try running the "COM Registration fixing tool" which you can find on NVDA's tools menu (NVDA+N, then T, then down arrow to that option and enter).

Otherwise, please let us know exactly WHICH version of Windows / office the machines are running.  A copy of the NVDA log from one of the affected machines might also help (either pasted into the body of a message, or email oflist to info@... with a quick description of the issue).

See: for info on the log, debug level would be ideal.



On Mon, Dec 2, 2019 at 2:56 AM Aman Agrawal <amanagrawal456@...> wrote:
Yes all are same 

On Sun, 1 Dec, 2019, 21:21 Antony Stone, <antony.stone@...> wrote:
Are all the laptops identical, running the same version of Windows, and the
same version of Word?

If not, please tell us about the differences.


On Sunday 01 December 2019 at 12:54:34, Aman Agrawal wrote:

> I have installed NVDA in 5 laptops. But in 3 laptops I'm facing a problem
> which i think you can solve.
> In MS Word, while opening any dialog box ( like of Font ) , the NVDA is not
> reading the contents/ options provided in the dialog box.
> Please help me out to solve this problem so that it can be a great help for
> some special Students.
> Waiting for an early reply.

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