Re: accessing embedded video links in Power point slides

Quentin Christensen

When you say link to a video, do you mean a text URL or link on the slide, or do you mean an embedded video?  When you activate a link it will open your browser to the specified URL.  An embedded video has a preview of the video (a still image, similar to that shown on thumbnails in Youtube etc) with a triangle play button), when you activate it, the video plays there in the slideshow without opening another program.

While running the slideshow, activating embedded videos should work ok.  Activating links is a bit problematic and sounds like what you are encountering.  To activate a link on a slide, press TAB to move to it - NVDA reports nothing - and then press ENTER.  Out of curiosity, since you mentioned trying it with Jaws, did you have trouble with Jaws as well?  (That would help narrow down the issue - if it works fine with Jaws, it could be NVDA not responding correctly to the link - if it doesn't work any better with Jaws then it's more likely to be PowerPoint not exposing it correctly).

Re obscured, that is usually reported at design time (ie when you open the file in PowerPoint but haven't pressed F5 to run the slideshow). and means that one placeholder is covering another on the slide.  It may not mean the contents of each aren't visible - if you have a one line title, but expand the size of the placeholder to cover the whole slide, it won't actually hide any other content but it will announce that it is covering it (and that the other content is obscured).  Overlapping placeholders can also be used for visual effect, although in general, when creating, it is safest to try to avoid overlapping unless you are sure of what you are doing.

If you want to activate a link within a placeholder at design time, you can move to it, then open the context menu and select "Open link".

We do have an issue for the problem with links while running slideshows here:  Feel free to add any extra comments on that (if you do, the issue is still present in the latest alpha).



On Mon, Dec 2, 2019 at 2:02 AM Payal Kapoor <payal69@...> wrote:
i am working with a PPT with several slides which have not only
graphics as part of the content of a slide, but also links to videos.
however, i am unable to access the links(which don't show up as a link
there) .
i have tried everything  but have had no success. when checking using
insert+F1, the message very clearly said there were hyperlinks as part
of the content.
to test that theory, i did copy the content of the slide to a word doc
and it shows a link as well.
i am using the latest version of NVDA and have tried it with one of
the earlier versions of JAWS 18  installed on my Windows 10 laptop.
the office version is 2016.
the message when focusing on the video in the slide is: video
obscured. also, i saw a message about access to the links being
blocked. now i don't know which key combination brought that one on.
after all that mishmash of information, i would be eternally grateful
to anyone who can help me get to the video links.
it is critical, since those are part of the training content for work i do.
thanks for any possible help.

Quentin Christensen
Training and Support Manager

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