Re: Typhoon


hi. i am very glad that you and your family are safe.
i pray for the people of the world always.
i wish prosperity, felicity and happiness for all.

On 12/3/19, Jaffar Sidek <> wrote:
Hi. First, thanks to those who prayed for us and to those who kept us
in mind. Me and my family, we truly appreciate your concern and thank
you all from the bottom of our hearts. The worst of the typhoon has
almost passed, and my family is safe. As of now, though the rain is
heavy, the winds are slowing down. I personally couldn't be at peace if
I didn't know that you are all praying for and wishing your best for my
family's safety. Thank you.

By God,
were I given all the seven heavens
with all they contain
in order that
I may disobey God
by depriving an ant
from the husk of a grain of barley,
I would not do it.
imam ali

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