Re: Where I can find the latest version of Winamp?


The only issues I have had with winamp is after or during seeking through sid and nsf and other chip files that probably don't support it as such winamp will crash.

If playing files with non standard headers in standard wav output mode winamp will crash to.

If you need to play a large number of files like that using direct sound or wasapi will fix that though playing a large number of files will eventually crash the program.

To be honest, if you have a series of plugins and such and are happy with 5.666 there is probably no real reason to bother upgrading to 5.8.

The only reason 5.8 is out is it was leaked by others and radiognome decided to just put it out there instead.

Winamp 6 is taking ages and the winamp community project or wacup has winamp 5.666 as their own animal now which will compete with winamp.

However they only use the last official aol released version of 5.666 as base.

If you don't have a configuration like a lot of those that had winamp before its shutdown a few years ago, you may want to use wacup which has everything in it.

I'd kill the zip plugin though as that will open all zip files to play things and while I see why you would do it, just like in vlc, by default windows will open zip files in winamp which is no good for normal use.

Saying that even though I havn't and probably won't I would encourage those that want it to use fubar or something.

Pritty much all development on winamp has stopped including plugins mainly because everyone is waiting for winamp 6.

If you have a stable plugin configuration and backups of it and it just worked I wouldn't do that either.

If winamp has something it doesn't like it will crash.

I had to throw out several older plugins because they were crashing winamp.

I have to have a couple module plugins installed to because not everything plays with newer open mpt so I need to use bassmod to for example.

I havn't gone the wacup root but if anything else breaks I may have to do so.

The best winamp versions mind you are 5.3 or even 2.95 which used older systems anyway but if you stream stuff it will not be the best for you.

On 4/12/2019 4:25 am, Gene wrote:
From reports I've seen of those using the Beta, it is stable and many people are using it.  Since you've already downloaded it, I think you'll be satisfied with it.  We'll see what others say.
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Subject: [nvda] Where I can find the latest version of Winamp?

Hello group,

I have downloaded the Extended Winamp Nvda addon, and I would like
download a new version of Winamp.

Could you advice, please, where I can find it?

I found beta of Winamp 5.8, but I would like to download a stabile version.



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