Re: Please your advice with an extended Winamp

Roger Stewart

It is working for me and there was an update to it in the past week or so and it will be ready for the next NVDA as well.

On 12/5/2019 3:46 AM, Jacob wrote:
Extended Winamp is from 2013 so don't expect it to work any more.

OZ0TE Jacob

Dec. 2019
at 10.13
Jarek.Krcmar <Jarek.Krcmar@...> wrote:

´╗┐Hello group,

I have installed Winamp 566 and also I have installed to Nvda 2019. 2.1 an Extended Winamp.

It seems to me, that this Nvda addon doesn't work.

When I am listening a music in Winamp, and press the key F6 or F7 or F8 fo volume, nothing is happening.



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