Using an External Numpad

Luke Davis


Well, it has finally happened again: I have obtained a laptop with no numpad.

Since I actually intend for this to be portable (not a desktop replacement, in other words), and I hate the laptop layout, I thought I could just plug in an external numpad, switch to desktop layout, and poof.

But no joy: the numpad does not get grafted on to the existing keyboard as if the keyboard had a numpad. Even in desktop mode, the keys are read as home, end, pgup, pgdn, etc..

Is there some known way to cause an external numpad to be perceived by NVDA as a built in numpad for purposes of the desktop layout?

I have tried remapping with gestures, but that just results in things like the up arrow key becoming unavailable on the regular keyboard (being mapped to read current line instead of just the numpad 8 I intended).

I suppose I may need to find a way to cause Windows not to replicate the normal keyboard scancodes when the numpad is used.


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