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On Thu, Dec 5, 2019 at 06:58 PM, Robert Doc Wright godfearer wrote:
Note that windows defender is suppose to be anti-spyware and malware.
Yes, it has expanded beyond strict anti-virus into a full-featured security suite.  I believe there are even some measures against ransomware, too.  That being said, I keep a separate antimalware scanner on my computers "just in case" as they do a better job with that class of infection, just like adware removers do with adware, than any general purpose security suite does.

I haven't had an infection of any sort for, literally, at least 2 decades now, but am forearmed just in case.

For those who want to review third-party antivirus testing lab results, which always include Windows Defender/Windows Security in their tests, see the most recent plus the last several years of historical test results from:

AV Test

AV Comparatives

SE Labs  (Reports Page)

MRG Effitas  (360 Protection Testing Category)


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