Re: Please your advice with an extended Winamp


Try an earlier version of NVDA running as a portable version.  I suspect the add-on isn't compatible with that version of NVDA.  I don't know what the last compatible version is, but go back maybe one or two versions and see what happens. 
I'm not sure if there is a page to download old versions of Winamp but as far as I know, there is a way to do so even if they aren't publicly shown on the NVDA site.  Others may know how it is done.

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Sent: Thursday, December 05, 2019 3:12 AM
Subject: [nvda] Please your advice with an extended Winamp

Hello group,

I have installed Winamp 566 and also I have installed to Nvda 2019. 2.1
an Extended Winamp.

It seems to me, that this Nvda addon doesn't work.

When I am listening a music in Winamp, and press the key F6 or F7 or F8
fo volume, nothing is happening.


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