Re: How do you read ALT in a table?

Quentin Christensen

Hi Gene,

I came across this recently as I am nearly finished writing the "Microsoft Word with NVDA" course myself.

What we've done is read the alt "title" as you move onto the table, and the description is used as Long description (press NVDA+D in browse mode).

This is in the latest master build at least.  Issue is #5943 (closed):

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On Thu, Jul 28, 2016 at 11:36 AM, Gene New Zealand <hurrikennyandopo@...> wrote:
Hi guys

I am putting together a basic tutorial on how to use Microsoft word.

I can insert a table etc but after I enter in the alt text for the table
when I come across it in the document it does not report the ALT text
that I have put in. When I go to check again the table properties the
ALT text is there along with the description. But when i go back to the
document it is not read out. Is there already a ticket for this? or is
there a new key stroke i do not know about.

I can give steps to recreate the problem if it has not been done
already. If a ticket has not be done and can be created, could some one
else do it i do not like the way it is now.

Any help would be great. By the way I am using microsoft word 2010 and
nvda 1016.2.1 and windows 10 .

Gene nz

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