Add-on issues after system restore on Windows 10



its worth noting in any os from winxp up that the system restore actually is not nice.

It says that it will protect your documents.

What that means is it will keep microsoft office documents, text files, mp3s, data files, it will even restore your downloads if you restored with those.

But it will also do the following.

1.  if its not in program files, program data, or program files x86 it will be deleted.

All executable files, bat, exe, com, cmd, etc are gone.

It will delete those out of your cloud storage if you just happen to have the cloud storage on the same drive.

It will delete any updated or installed addons you made after the restore point and it will corrupt all your windows apps that were updated after restore and others.

You will need to update/install addons, go to the store and the apps will redownload when you check for them.

Its why I encourage a twin drive system if you can get it especially for the cloud.

I have had people on a testing share get totally pissed at me for deleting files, going so far as to engage in a swearing match on line till we both got banned and deleted.

Ringing microsoft and telling them this got them to blatently admit that information.

So you will need to make sure that if its critical even if its the cloud storage, keep that backed up somewhere else if you need it urgently.

Else in my case I had to tell people I restored due to a crash.

For whatever reason system restore will not work with icloud drive, so I assume if you sign out of icloud, which will delete your icloud drive then restore then it works but don't quote me on it.

The of course the easyest thing to do is never use icloud for storage on windows which is dumb but there you go.

Worse, if your system restores to a previous time, your cloud solutions will update with the older data.

I do think cloud services should have system restore protection on them where if you run system restore, they don't restore what is allready uploaded on the cloud to an older version but they don't.

Of course if you have a virus on a system restore that restores that to which is why you clear out every once in a while in case.

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