Re: Add-on issues after system restore on Windows 10


System restore is ok if something is screwing up.

But yeah in addition to deleting stuff you don't want it will kill addons that have been installed since last point and you have to redownload/update them again.

It will also kill a few apps.

It will also destroy cloud storage folders like dropbox if they are in the user structure.

So programs will be gone, it made me unpopular with some groups for that.

On windows restore only being a partial restore, I'd hate to see what a full system restore would be.

1.  in addition to the above, deletes everything that is not microsoft.

2.  reset the system to defaults.

3.  reformat all drives including backups

4.  unsubscribe you from all email lists.

5.  deactivate your windows and require you to buy a new one.

6.  give you a restore limit.

7.  prompt you to run windows repair which will reformat all your drives and all the drives on your networks and your friends drives to.

Windows restore does what it does well, that is if you made an oopsy in a day or 2 it can undo it.

If you have a driver or something that screwed up or update you can undo it.

If its an easy thing like the system won't start or your user profile screws up it will do that, though it can't fix a corrupted profile as such.

Anything more and its a repair, or a reformat to make it go away.

System restore to me is like the undo on a word processer for the system.

It fixes your mistakes but its not infinite.

Due to its nature though if you really need to have that much going on with the system, I'd use an image solution with incrimental backup on it or something.

And if the system randomly breaks without any warning, its usually hardware.

On 7/12/2019 5:10 am, Brian Vogel wrote:
There is the unanswered question of what version of NVDA, as well as what versions of the Add-Ons, are present.

System Restore (which I personally dislike because it's both unreliable and incomplete) only rolls back your system registry and certain folders, but not all of them.  It is not, in any meaningful sense, a full restore but is, instead, a selective partial one. See the articles:

System Restore (What It Is and How to Use It)

What System Restore Can and Cannot Do to Your Windows

I am quite certain that NVDA add-ons are unlikely to be touched by System Restore as they are not installed using a method that System Restore tracks, so you could possibly have an "older" version of NVDA for which "newer" versions of the add-ons are incompatible.

I'm in agreement with Mr. Vonderlinden that an complete uninstall of NVDA, and all associated add-ons, and a reinstall of same is the thing that is most likely to rectify the situation the most easily.


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