To be honest, there are only 4 or so reasons to get a vpn.

1.  you work in public networks constantly or places where you want to be secure.

2.  you want to avoid geoblocking for netflicks or something.

3.  for business things you do.

4.  you want to be a scam bater or hacker or something.

5.  you want to do torrents and pirate stuff.

I have rarely needed one.

I don't do it for business, but my brother does.

Geo blocks to for somethings.

Since its basically alegal, torrents well say no more.

I don't pirate so I don't need it.

On 8/12/2019 3:51 am, molly the blind tech lover wrote:

I want to get  VPN . . . I like my privacy.


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I tried using Express VPN last year but its client was very hard to navigate with NVDA. I figured out how to connect to a VPN but it connected to only one in the whole time I used it whereas I was hoping to choose from a range of available servers.

I let my Express VPN account lapse when my year's membership expired.

All controls on the Express VPN window were not labelled ... there were at least five "button" buttons. I did speak to their tech support team about this but they were not much help ... I'm not sure they really understood what screen reading software was :(


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