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You could use it for Norde as well.  Cheers!

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Is this like Nord?


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From: Mobeen Iqbal
Sent: December 7, 2019 9:30 AM
Subject: [nvda] Auto connecting to open VPN servers




The following should work with any VPN provider that supports open VPN,

most of them do. These instructions assume you are using the windows

client. Auto connecting also means you're not restricted to any specific



1. Download the latest version of the open VPN client from:


Install  withall the defaults.


2. Run the open VPN Gui client using the icon on your desktop. Right

click on the icon in the system tray and go to settings.


3. Make sure the show script window is unchecked and silent connection

is checked. Click OK when done.


4. Download your preferred open VPN server files from your provider.

With express VPN, it was as simple as clicking on the area of the world

then downloading and saving the relevant file for the country of choice.


5. Rename the files to names that are easy to remember. For example,

london1, france1, etc. remember if you use upper case or lower case, for

convenience I make all file names lower case without any spaces.


6. Right click the open VPN client in the system tray and click exit.

Then press windows R and copy and paste the following to get to the

folder for the config files.


C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config


Press enter. There is a readme file in the folder, ignore it.


7. Copy and paste all of the VPN files you downloaded earlier in to this

folder. If prompted to continue with admin rights, click continue all

the way.


8. Close the program files folder. Now we need to make the shortcuts on

the desktop. Go to your desktop and press control space until NVDA says

not selected.


Press applications, then W for new and go down to shortcut. Press enter

on shortcut and paste the following, replacing the part at the end with

the name of your config file.


"C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\bin\openvpn-gui.exe" --connect london1.ovpn


9. Press enter and type a name for your shortcut. Press enter when done.


10. Go in to notepad and paste the following, making sure that both

items starting with taskkill are on a new line.


taskkill /F /IM openvpn.exe

taskkill /F /IM openvpn-gui.exe

11. Save the file to your desktop. When you save the file, call it VPN

disconnect. Tab to the save as type box and arrow down to all files.

Then shift tab back to the file name box and put .bat at the end of your

file name. so it looks like VPN disconnect.bat then press enter. Make

sure the file name does not have .txt in it.


12. Finally, make sure all files are on your desktop and press enter on

London or whatever country you created the shortcut to. The first time

you connect to a VPN, you will be prompted for a username and password.

If you tab to save password and check it, you will not be prompted next

time. enter your details and press enter. You should now be connected to

your server of choice. Remember to press enter on VPN disconnect to kill

the VPN connection so you can connect to another server.


I hope this helps.











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