Anybody have an accessible password service?

John Isige

Hey all. Anybody got an accessible password service recommendation? My wife uses Last Pass and I think people generally seem to like it, but is it accessible? I personally wonder what you do if you're on a computer that's not one of yours but you want to log on to a site. Is there a way to get at your password in that case? I'm pretty sure it uses apps for phone/tablet but I'm honestly not sure what it does on PC. I figured I'd ask here because somebody's probably had experiences. I'll obviously need to feed it the old passwords for sites and have it change the passwords to whatever it autogenerates. So I'd like to know that all of that's accessible rather than trying to chase down services and messing with them, if somebody's already done the research, so to speak. I'd hate to get halfway through a process and have it changing things and find out later that it's not fully accessible or something.

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