Re: a helpful tip for anyone using i cloud for windows with NVDA


Is this the same problem I’ve found with certain programs?  NVDA reads the full screen.  I was using theEmsisoft (spelling) emergency kit and it did this.  I had to use mhy JAWS demo.  It does so when using Virtual Recorder, at least the portable version as implemented by the late Carlos. 
I don’t know how many other programs this occurs in but it may be enough that it should be looked into.
When this happens, you can’t stop the reading.  Control does nothing and movement commands such as tabbing to switch fields doesn’t stop the reading.
I’m using Windows 7.  While I expect this would happen in Windows 10, that would need to be confirmed.
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Sent: Sunday, December 08, 2019 11:58 AM
Subject: [nvda] a helpful tip for anyone using i cloud for windows with NVDA
hey guys. For anyone using i cloud for windows, you may have noticed that on the main screen that NVDA reads the entire window all at once when its displayed and it makes  it impossible to use. Well there is an easy workaround to this that I have found works great. This will only work under windows 10
When in the i cloud window, press the windows key and R at the same time to use recognition and OCR will make the window usable. Hope all find this helpful

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