Re: Add-on issues after system restore on Windows 10

Kevin Cussick

Hi Brian and list, Yes correct You need to go into %appdata% and delete the nvda folder in there, this is quite drastic, then You need to reboot Nvda, I should have said You need another screen reader like Narrator. then delete the nvda folder under %appdata%\nvda as I say it will wipe everything out and You will need to start again. but it will fix things.

On 06/12/2019 16:10, Brian Vogel wrote:
There is the unanswered question of what version of NVDA, as well as what versions of the Add-Ons, are present.
System Restore (which I personally dislike because it's both unreliable and incomplete) only rolls back your system registry and certain folders, but not all of them.  It is not, in any meaningful sense, a full restore but is, instead, a selective partial one. See the articles:
System Restore (What It Is and How to Use It)
What System Restore Can and Cannot Do to Your Windows
I am quite certain that NVDA add-ons are unlikely to be touched by System Restore as they are not installed using a method that System Restore tracks, so you could possibly have an "older" version of NVDA for which "newer" versions of the add-ons are incompatible.
I'm in agreement with Mr. Vonderlinden that an complete uninstall of NVDA, and all associated add-ons, and a reinstall of same is the thing that is most likely to rectify the situation the most easily.
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