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What version of Winamp are you using?  I'm using 5.66 and there is nothing about abbreviations in the general dialog.  Are you using the beta?  Maybe the program gets stuck somehow on a certain item.  Maybe you will have to try tabbing, then stopping on the item before the one that is causing a problem.
Then, if you want to see the items past the one causing the problem, try opening preferences, then shift tabbing then stopping on the item before the one that causes you a problem. 
You can see if NVDA has anything to do with Winamp getting stuck on the item that causes you problems by using something like Narrator or JAWS and seeing if you have a problem.  That way you can see if the problemn occurs regardless of screen-reader. 

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Sent: Sunday, December 08, 2019 3:27 PM
Subject: [nvda] Shutting window in Winamp

Good evening group,

I have found out a big problem in Winamp.

When I open Winamp and preferences and general abbreviations, then 8
times I press key tab, then I can't shut it's window, and I can't go any

I can only set abbreviations.

I wonder, what can I do for shut winamp
's window.

Could you please give me an advice?

Nvda is silent by pressing tab.


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