Re: Some observations on usability aspects with Firefox and NVDA


Well navigational sounds at least should be fixed.
It should autoupdate itself.
Because mozilla removed fuel things don't work.
Right, in some instances like with some forum links the addon just won't fire but it works most of the time and where it doesn't it does not matter to me.

On 27/07/2016 9:57 p.m., Brian's Mail list account wrote:
Navigational sounds but you need to use firefox 46 or before. all the
versions after this seem to screw that up and tend also to me at least
to be a slug compared to 46.
I hope somebody tells Mozilla about these things. Navigational sounds
always makes a bong sound when the page has fully loaded, though of
course some web site do continue throwing crap at you for adverts, and I
always use ublock on firefox now to stop all this rubbish from moving

Amazon seem to be particularly annoying in this respect recently. Now I
hear clicks but nothing changes which sis just what I need.
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I'd like to ask if anyone else is observing the following with recent
versions of Firefox. When loading a page, whose title we shall define as T,
NVDA announces chatter of the following structure:
T Mozilla Firefox. Unknown. Unknown. T Mozilla Firefox. T document
Now if you substitute anything substantial for T you can see how this would
amount to a lot of sylables with no useful information content.
Also, Alt+Tabbing to Firefox produces:
T Mozilla Firefox, T document
Finally, are there plans to implement a way of finding out if a page has
been fully loaded? I quite often find myself in the middle of reading a
paragraph when suddenly some asynchronous update happens and the review
cursor is thrown back a few lines or to the previous heading, to name but
two instances.
Any suggestions on any of those?
Kind regards,
Felix Gr├╝tzmacher


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