Re: Console and NVDA 2019.3 beta 1

John Isige

I can report that it reads the console for me just fine, on a Surface 4
Pro, or at least, that's what this Surface claims to be. My console UIA
support is set to automatic. The checkbox about using legacy text is
checked. These are probably 2019.3-Beta1 default settings, since I
didn't change anything. Hope that helps.

On 12/9/2019 10:56 PM, Tyler Spivey wrote:
Press NVDA+5 until it says read dynamic content changes on.

If that didn't fix it, try going into NVDA's advanced settings and
disable the UIA console. It's some new feature added recently that
still has some bugs to iron out.

On 12/9/2019 7:03 PM, Ryan Mann wrote:
This morning, I was trying the beta on a Surface Pro running Windows
10 professional.  I noticed that when I opened the console and
started typing commands, NVDA didn’t automatically read the output. 
Does anybody else notice this?  If nobody else notices, this might be
an issue with my machine.

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