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If you definitely do not want win 10, then look online for a program called never 10 and run it. it gives you what your current state is and each time you select the item it will change to reflect the current setting. Turning it off stops everything from updating.
In answer to your other question, as far as i know windows 10 works like a big version of system restore in that it puts 10 in keeping everything that can work as it was and storing windows 7 in a special folder. You have i seem to recall 1 month before this folder is deleted. After that you cannot go back to 7 again.

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Hi NVDA group,

I currently have Win7 on my computer, but am noticing the frequency of
upgrade to win10 is occurring more often during the day. My questions
are these:
-If I select yes, will it write over Win7 or somehow make win7 disabled?

-Will "all programs" currently accessed be moved to function in win10?

-How do I tell if the version upgrade is 32-bit or 64-bit? I do have
the latest version of NVDA running.

Thanks for the help which will lead me to move or not move.
David Russell
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