Re: NVDA sometimes loses control and needs to be restarted

Vincent Le Goff <vincent.legoff.srs@...>

Luke's summary is accurate.  I was about to point out that this is not a "lose focus problem", but a "lose control problem" as I put it.  Indeed, all the key gestures that should trigger NVDA responses are ignored or handled by the system directly, as they would if NVDA weren't running at all.  Reading the previous posts, it seems that my first assertion wasn't too far from the mark: NVDA sometimes "does it" when resources get limited on the system (especially memory), that is when something takes a long time or resource to complete.  This doesn't sound like a NVDA issue, rather like a Microsoft issue placing conditions on hooks, but that's just a guess.

Yes, I do use Windows 10.  Sorry for not adding this directly in my first message, I didn't think it was relevant.  I'm using NVDA 2019.2.1 at the time, not testing the beta just yet, though it's definitely in my to-do-list.


On 12/10/2019 4:33 PM, Luke Davis wrote:
This is not the same as NVDA losing focus, and being fixed with an alt+tab. That is an entirely different problem.

This is NVDA losing the ability to recognize all gestures.
For example, if you are in firefox, an "h" will not take you to the next heading. If you press NVDA+Q to quit NVDA, it will not happen. If you press NVDA+N to open the NVDA menu, it will not open.

Alt+tab will still have its normal Windows application switching effect, but that is not reliant on NVDA, and it doesn't fix anything.

The most reasonable way to fix this problem, is to press the NVDA launch shortcut (usually Control+Alt+N), to restart NVDA.

Gene asked:

Are those having the problem using Windows 10?  I've never had it happen in Windows 7 or XP.
Yes, I have only experienced this in Windows 10 that I can recall. Many versions of Windows 10 however, and versions of NVDA going back at least as far as 2019.1 beta, and possibly earlier.


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