Re: NVDA sometimes loses control and needs to be restarted

Vincent Le Goff <vincent.legoff.srs@...>

As pointed out, this happened on a lot of computers and with a lot of users.  Sure, it could be a hardware problem, but if so, it sounds like the industry may have some important issue.  I had this issue with my new laptop when I installed NVDA and there was nothing on the computer, except for Office (which does take some memory).  I've had this issue on various computers since then, sometimes older, sometimes newer versions.  It honestly doesn't sound like a hardware issue to me.  Considering that it has been happening for other users I'd say it's a pretty fair guess.

On 12/10/2019 7:02 PM, Shaun Everiss wrote:
I have noticed this on a system with low powered ccpu mostly, however you may have a memmory leak in your brouser, and may need to update it.

I find after chewing through some sites that there are some sites that use more memmory than they should or are badly coded and not much you can do about that.

If this is happening generally though, the first thing I'd probably do is check for broken fans and dust.

I'd also check and see what is loaded at startup and what you absolutely need to run in the background, background apps, etc.

Skype, alexa and a few other massive apps use resources like crazy.

In certain situations my system can become quite unstable when I have 1 or 2 or several large apps open for an extended period so I usually don't do this even on my new ish workstation.

You could have a bad drive, I guess, bad ram or though these usually do more than bog the system.

You could have a bad os install, but if windows is that bad constantly it may not be windows.

Of course you won't know till you reformat and reinstall windows however if its being like this, does any other computer in the house do it.

Before fibre it was probably a line issue, I'd also check network and wireless hardware, restart the router, and go to and run speedtest -p no on all connections to get the upload and download speed for each.

Depending what that is it could be the network or wireless channel but unlikely.

My thing would be failing hardware of some sort, check firmware and driver updates and see what we see.

It could also be a slow burn in the cpu or power supply or a stuck fan blade, you need sightlings to look in the box physically but any slow burn could end up with a dead box with no recovery either as a client I had found out the hard way.

On 10/12/2019 11:55 pm, Vincent Le Goff wrote:
Hi everyone,

This has been happening for some time, on so many computers and with so many different NVDA versions I can't believe I would be the only one to see this, and it's not a huge inconvenience, but it's strange and might be worth looking into.  Regardless of the activity sometimes NVDA "loses control".  The key hooks (the NVDA key and all the shortcuts associated with it) stop working.  Using the numeric keypad works as would without NVDA. Pressing Caplocks, which is a NVDA key for me, triggers the CapLock function.  NVDA still works somewhat and tries to report information, but one can't open the NVDA menu, read the time, look at the window title or indeed do lots of things controlled directly by NVDA.

When does it happen?  I've tried to reproduce the issue and it's tricky.  It never seems to happen at a given time or in any given application.  All I know is that it seems to "lose control" when a lot of memory is required by other applications, which creates some kind of lag.  So this happens in a browser when the site has a lot of scripts for instance.  This can happen in Word if the document is long.  This can happen while the Windows CLI is opened and a "demanding" task is running. This can happen when lots of update information is sent to NVDA (the message queue gets long). It happens more frequently if the machine on which NVDA runs doesn't have a lot of memory.  It sounds like a Windows lock, not NVDA's fault, but is there a workaround?  Restarting NVDA and the delay it causes isn't really annoying, but it's definitely strange.

Most important question though: has anyone noticed this problem? Or am I the only lucky one?  Does happen!




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