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I also use RadioSure: a very good and accessible radioPlayerwith both screen readers: NvdA and jaws. At the moment propose the player 33 000 and more radioStations from all the countries and continents. The stations aren't divided by country and genres but with the tab we find two fields: on the first we can write countryor genre we looking for, and wicg the next tab we get the stations list. The program has multiLanguage interface and is to manage by the context menu.

Another accessible with screen readers, program is: RadioBox. The program is portable and is easy to use. For instance: control + down menu is volume down and control + up menu is volume up. With enter we play the station, with control + s, we stop the station etc.

Another accessible program is: Readon TV Movie Radio Player.

Perhaps there also are anothers and I'll be glad if anyone knows another radioPlayers which understand themselves good with screen readers!



27.7.2016 г. в 19:55 ч., Matt Turner написа:
Grate point, some of the stations don't provide a direct mp3 stream, or they want you to listen live via iHeart radio.
On 7/27/2016 12:27 PM, Gene wrote:
Tapin Radio is a good program. Unfortunately, such programs may not have access to as many stations as previously.  I saw something on a list I follow indicating that there is something about rights management and many stations are no longer accessible to such programs.  for some reason, they are restricting their streams to use from their web sites.  I've only seen one comment about this and I'm not saying it is reliable information but such players may not be as useful as previously. 
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I prefer you to use TapinRadio. i'm using it for a long ago, also it's
Best wishes, Mert Anlar
On July 27 2016 at 18:15, Matt Turner wrote:
> Hi, subject says it all.
> Any one no of any good ones?

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