Moving Focus and Brows Mode Cursors at the same time in editable Browser Elements?



I am wondering if there is a way to connect the focus mode to the brows mode in rich text editors or editable elements in the browser?

1.       Open:

2.       Press o to get to the "Application" and hit enter.

3.       Press escape until you are placed in the editing area.

4.       Arrow down several lines

5.       Press NVDA+space to go into brows mode.

6.       Arrow up and down to find out your cursor when editing is different than your cursor when in brows mode.

7.       In brows mode, hit h to go to "A simple table to play with" and hit enter.

8.       Press read current line and it will be on the last line you were on in focus mode.


I'm sure someone would find this behavior useful sometime, but it is really making using rich text fields annoying in the browser.

Is there some way to connect these two cursors together?

I have both Caret moves review cursor on, and Focus moves navigator object on.

Thank you,

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