Re: Vocalizer expressive voices

Orlando Enrique Fiol

At 10:21 AM 12/11/2019, Don H wrote:
Are you talking about sapi 5 voices? Where do you purchase these voices?

I purchased mine from the Tech Guys website. However, I truly don't recommend anyone purchase these SAPI5 voices if they routinely reinstall Windows. With each reinstallation, you lose one of the three activations Code Factory provides. They recommend deactivating before reinstalling Windows, so that an activation is not lost. However, there are times when one doesn't know one will reinstall until their machine won't boot, which is what happened to me a few times.
At this point, I have no remaining activations for my desktop or laptop. Contacting Eduard Sanchez, one of Code Factory's founders, has been frustrating, as he does not return my emails. I now have a completely useless set of SAPI5 voices through no fault of my own . If Dropbox provides a device deactivation dialogue, Code Factory can and should as well. It's ridiculous for a product's legal owner not to be able to deactivate devices at will.
Orlando Enrique Fiol

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