Re: Does anybody use a telnet BBS?

John Isige

Hi. Yep, I can put it up no problem. It's small so I figure one person's interest is enough to make it worth it. I want to see if I can get another client working too, and I have to figure out what the whole process is for submitting an addon, so it might be a bit, but I'll try to get it done as soon as I can.

I should add that if you've got a telnet client that works, you can telnet to the BBS I'm on.

The client provides some extra features and at least the one I use provides an editor, which telnet doesn't, that works like a normal editor for the most part, so you can arrow up through your whole post and edit before submitting, stuff like that. But in case anybody wants to check it out before I get the addon(s) up, depending on whether I get the other client working or not, you can have a look.

On 12/11/2019 0:36, Angelo Sonnesso wrote:
That sounds pretty cool.
Can you share your ad-in?

73 N2DYN Angelo

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I ask because I'm on ISCA BBS, the only one I know of that's still going,
though there might be others. I have an addon that makes a client for it read
the text automatically as it comes in and let's you review it. It's nothing
fancy, I literally stole it from NVDA's internal code for PuTTY and changed
the window name, so it treats the client window as a terminal. I've been using
it for quite a while now. I've never bothered uploading it to the community
because I didn't think it would be useful to anybody but me, but since I just
made it work with 2019.3beta1, I figured I'd at least ask in case somebody's
been waiting for just such a thing to exist. If so, it does, and sorry I
didn't mention it sooner.

Alternatively, if you're on one of these and you've found a way to use NVDA
without an addon, I'd love to hear about it. You could run a client on a Unix
variant I guess, but this addon let's you do everything right from Windows.
You get a full editor and all, as opposed to single line editing with telnet.
If there's a way to do that on Windows without an addon, I'm really interested
in trying it out.

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