Volume Weirdness

Luke Davis

Hi All

A couple days ago, I created a portable version of the 2019.3 beta.
After it started running, I got a sudden drop in volume, maybe by about 30%.

Now, across several reboots, and reverting back to the installed copy of 2019.2.1, NVDA (ESpeak) in that account, always drops volume for that entire account.

Specifically, the NVDA on the logon screen, NVDA in other accounts on that machine, and system sounds on startup, are all significantly loud (max volume of system is substantial). However, ever since that one NVDA run in that one account, volume for that account seems to have permanently dropped, while all the volume settings remain the same as any other account.

System volume is 100%. Volume for everything (including NVDA) in Sound Mixer is 100%. NVDA's own internal volume is 100%.

Any idea what I might be missing here?


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