Re: Official press release link to NVDA Tek Talk event on March 14th



It can be found at:

Note that you’ll need to install TCConference software.




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Where can I find your tack talk room?

On 3/9/2016 10:56 PM, Joseph Lee wrote:

Hi members of the NVDA community:


Here it is: the press release for the March 14th Tek Talk event is now available (please spread the word):


Additional items:

·         If you have last minute suggestions on NVDACon 2016 (sessions, schedule and so on), please talk to me (or NvDACon planning committee members) after Tek Talk.

·         Speakers: We have two or three slots open for lightning talks. If you are interested in giving a lightning (15 to 20 minute including Q&A) talk, please come and talk to me after Tek Talk.

·         Add-on users dinner: shortly after Tek Talk event, I’ll be hosting a “dinner” (a meeting) for users of add-ons I maintain. Currently these are GoldWave, Resource Monitor, StationPlaylist Studio and Windows 10 App Essentials. It’ll be held at the Tek Talk room and will foreshadow an add-ons event the organizers are thinking of having during NVDACon 2016 (and to set a precedence for add-on writers who’d like to meet with users of their add-on(s) during NvDACon).

·         NVDA 2016.2-dev: If Mick and Jamie permits, I’d like to give a short demo of what NV Access and contributors are up to in developing NVDA 2016.2 (this will happen after Tek Talk meeting if there is enough interest from the community).


Hope to see many of you at the Tek Talk event on the 14th (15th for some).


Joseph (event presenter)



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