NVDA 2019.3 and add-ons: update as of December 14, 2019 with 2019.3 beta


Dear NVDA community,


A few days ago NVDA 2019.3 beta was released, marking the milestone on our journey toward letting everyone meet NVDA 2019.3 soon. Along with this milestone, I’m delighted to announce that add-ons community is seeing uptake in getting add-ons ready for NVDA 2019.3, including announcements from speech synthesizer vendors such as Code Factory releasing updated versions of synthesizer add-ons. In addition, more add-ons listed on community add-ons website is preparing themselves for NVDA 2019.3.


Regarding which add-ons are compatible with NVDA 2019.3 as of December 14, 2019:


  • Out of 69 add-ons registered on community add-ons website, two-thirds (46) are compatible, with 12 add-ons marked as incompatible. Others are being worked on, planned to be ported, or add-on features are now part of NVDA as of 2019.3 (specifically, Focus Highlight and Enhanced Aria features are now part of NVDA 2019.3). Including add-ons being worked on (under development and testing), the number of compatible add-ons rises to 54 (78%).
  • Notable add-ons with status changes include Clipspeak, Audio Themes, Braille Extender, Clip Contents Designer, Emoticons, Place Markers, and Report Symbols. Most of these are going through development snapshot testing at the moment, and Braille Extender and Clipspeak are declared compatible. For Audio Themes fans, version 6.0 beta is available for testing.
  • And no, NVDA Remote is still incompatible, although one of the authors said he is looking into making it ready for 2019.3 and sent a word about it and asked for help from NV Access.


The next status update (hopefully with changes) will be sent just before Christmas. As always, you can view latest compatibility list at:





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