Re: [nvda-translations] Weather_Plus some translations updated

Rémy Ruiz

Ello to every one,,
Just to inform you that I just updated the documentation in the SRT for Weather_Plus (Weather_Plus.mdwn), it was detected that there were other words in English with s in the end for the word information.
Thank you for validating the previous translation in their own language in eache strings affected by this change.
To do this open your catalog (file Weather_Plus.po) Choose your translated string with Ctrl + a, then do Ctrl + X, and then Ctrl + v, and ready, Save your changes and send them to the SRT. Thank you very much.
This is to validate translations in your own language for your strings already translated.
Updated the existing translation in  old strings. Only fixed English documentation for Weather_Plus add-on requested by the author.
Again we thank you can please send your changes before Friday to recreate the addon again with these new changes.
Apologize for the inconvenience.
Translations are already validated for French, Spanish and Italian languages.
Thanks to all translators for your excellent job, and thanks also to Adriano for to keep alive the addon and Noelia, , Abdel and Zvonimir for supporting Weather__Plus. :)

Le 14/12/2019 à 20:03, Adriano Barbieri via Groups.Io a écrit :

Hi to every one,

Only some corrections for the English language.

The version is still the 7.3, and will not be reported by the add-on,then it must be downloaded manually for those who wish.
Thanks to Chris Mullins for suggestions and thanks also to Noelia, Rémy, Abdel and Zvonimir for supporting Weather__Plus.



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