Strange symbols on my Braille display

Denis Sariyannis

Hi all,
When I switch to focus mode in Chrome, my Braille display often shows things like '\xfffc'. That also sometimes happens in other situations like on the Windows login screen. Are these symbols the result of ANSI codes not defined in the configured Braille table or where do these come from?
My Braille table is German Computer Braille. I'm using NVDA Version 2019.2.1 on Windows 10.
This problem is reproducible. On the Twitter website I turn on focus mode by pressing NVDA+SPACE. When I navigate through the tweets by pressing J and K my Braille display shows these groups of symbols exclusively. If I want to read information about the tweet I have to scroll left. So it seems the Braille display is at the very end of the line by default which ends with a '\xfffc'.
Do you have any idea what this could be?

Thanks and best regards

Denis Sariyannis
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