Using NVDA on a tablet.

John Isige

Hey all. I know this has been talked about in here before, but it seems to have been pretty brief. I don't want a whole crash course on using a tablet, I'll keep it to a simple use case.

I have QRead, or Notepad, or whatever open with some text. I pull the tablet off of the keyboard, so now it's a tablet, it's a Surface Pro, if that matters. I can move around on the desktop or whatever to get to a program, and double tap it, and it will open. I still haven't figured out if that puts me in its window, so let's say the window's already open. How do I:

1. Get to the window, and put focus in the window?

2. Make the window read, i.e. a say-all, the equivalent of NVDA-a in the laptop layout? I assume touching anywhere on the screen will stop it.

I've briefly tried messing with this, and although I get the basic swiping to objects and such, I still haven't figured out what happens once an object is active, lie what I'm talking about here. I don't know how to get inside of it and manipulate the insides, so to speak, with touch gestures. As another example, assume I open Thunderbird. I'm not sure the individual messages get treated as objects, do they?

If somebody can cover this use case, I can start playing with things, and I can see about making a tutorial, at least in text and possibly audio, since I know I'm not the only person to ask about this.

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