Re: passwords and also a dropbox thing

Sarah k Alawami

I'm having no issues with dropbox on all of my platforms. I would check your own network and ping times etc with a 4 packet ping to google's servers. I'm on their pro plan so not sure if that makes a difference.

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On 18 Dec 2019, at 12:13, Shaun Everiss wrote:


This is a 2 part message with a 2 part subject.

I could do 2 messages but both topics are short so I won't.

1.  passwords should and I repeat not be saved anywhere especially in a web app aparently they are not secure.

On the security note, its been confirmed today via winaero, that microsoft security essentials will end its little stand alone life at the end of windows 7 lifespan.

You should all know when that is, its been bandied via microsoft via its addware compaigns, its websites, its news, its updates, this list, its various social network channels, in other words, its next month.

So another reason to upgrade to windows 10 is simply you will not have any antivirus protection at all.

I suspect with msse out, every other security manufacturer will probably follow suit in short order.

Unlike xp, at least for a while, a lot of the programs that ran on windows 7, will continue to be updated maybe for a bit but still.

Lastly, what is up with dropbox.

Someone or thing is really bogging down the platform, the update to the software which usually is done in minutes is taking hours and hours, failing a lot.

I have had to resume downloads multiple times.

Once I get it done on my system I will run the update on each system with it from a flash drive.

I am not sure if it effects the entire network on their end but something is consuming their entire cloud space bandwidth.

I don't use it for much but if you needed a reason to not use it, that would be it.

google itself seems fine the only time they dropped out is when their datacentre close to us failed.

They probably do more than dropbox ever did but yeah dropbox is running slowly.

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