Re: increasing rate of windows one core voices

Chikodinaka mr. Oguledo

will it happin in 2001;3.33 of NVDA comes out in 2020? I made the
speech faster and slower but I give up. it is not fast or slow

On 12/18/19, David Csercsics <> wrote:
The boost adds extra distortion, and artifacts even with ESpeak. I
suspect it's the same with one core voices as well, I don't know. I have
noticed that the sound clips when I start NVDA unless the sound card is
already open, and the first tiny bit of speech will get clipped off as
well, but once it has started speaking and has the sound card open, it
is fine. I'm not sure if this has to do with this sound card being
configured in a way NVDA doesn't like, (it only supports 24-bit audio),
or if there is something with NVDA, since all other sounds are fine.

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