Re: Setting Up New All-In-One Computer with Win10, Acer Brand


There is no definitive end user guide for your all in 1.

Firstly you will need to navigate a website theĀ  acer site with your model and serial, to get all the driver and programs you want.

You will then have to download the windows media creation tool, run it, follow the instructions to make a bootable usb stick.

After that you need to incert it, turn off the system, hit f8, turn it on while holding such, select the usb device to boot it.

Use control win enter and make sure scan mode is not set.

then open a command prompt

do a list disk

then select disk 0

then type clean

then y

then select disk 1 if you have another drive and select clean

then exit

go to setup select the drive with the free space usually the smaller one usually the one thats not 1tb in size out of scan mode hit create then next, you can also put a new partition on disk 1 if you want, but we can do it later.

Then follow instructions to install windows.

After windows starts you need to set your network, and update things, then go through all the settings page by page and configure them how you want then install all the drivers how you want via their wizzards and configure them how you want.

After all that the system will work and you can create your secondary partition in disk manager which is in admin tools in control panel and then computer management and then storage, then select the empty drive right click it with the app key and create a drive then you can format it from there or my computer then use it.

You should configure windows update and everything else to your liking and go and configure speech and option features to your liking to as well as privacy and security pages.

After that windows is set up.

I've basically missed a few steps but thats basically a from scratch clean clear and burn of a new system.

Its a darn lot to do and you probably will want someone that does it as a job to set it, I mean there are shortcuts but whatever.

As for office, any office from xp-2010 will need to be installed normally the installs are easy enough to do, set name key formatting, etc the way you want it.

In office 2013 and up updates are controled via alt f d r and space in office itself.

Compatability packs will not work with office versions over 2010 either.

So there is a really rough guide

Now if you can wait and am really patient, I will be going through a servicing contract for 2 business systems as well as a potential eventual entry level business system upgrade for a new client from win7 to 10 but having windows 10 on a new system completely.

I will be able to guide as best as I can the user through a setup of windows itself, and try to do settings and the like.

I will also go through the setup of libre office.

Its not microsoft office but the basic setup for most of this stuff is the same.

Microsoft office is online for most of it from 2013 up so it may be slightly different and configuration to, but most of it will be standard.

For me, its easier for me to just do, and just go and its done.

It will be a challenge for me to speak what I am doing before I do it, and my pitfalls on things to.

However you will have to wait for that guide, I realise you probably can't wait that long.

On 21/12/2019 4:48 am, David Russell wrote:
Hello Group,

In an effort to be concise: Can someone recommend a website be it, Entopia, or some such, that provides sighted and blind users
alike a step-by-step guide on setting up a new computer with Windows,
MS Word, and NVDA?

Alongside this, per the recent digest noting the synthesizer issue
with Google Docs, can you please recommend an NVDA version, perhaps
not the most latest, that will work with FireFox, Win10, and Google
Docs, subverting the discussed synthesizer issue?

On the computer purchased, I am told Windows 10 needs to be
downloaded, as does MS Word, but the appropriate software is provided
to download all necessary. Thanks in advance!
And, my wife will appreciate this task being made easier!

Holiday Sentiments,

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