Setting Up New All-In-One Computer with Win10, Acer Brand

David Russell <david.sonofhashem@...>

Hello NVDA Members,

I first want to express thanks to NV Everiss for taking the time to
send me an admittedly rough guide to ensure windows 10 gets installed
on my newly purchased all-in-one computer.

I have a couple concerns that relate to this topic and NVDA that may
also be of concern to others in a similar situation:
"I found a 2016 article at Accessibility Central, discouraging then
the download of windows 2010 and reasons given. Since this comes with
the Narrator Screen Reader, am I obligated to use it for setting up
windows on any computer as a blind person?

- Since Narrator is the built-in screen reading program, will the
installation of Win10 work if I follow the steps from

According to them one can install windows by using Narrator.

Note: I did purchase a product key for MS Office, and though yet to
open the box, assume a product key comes with the windows 10 on this
Acer PC.

- If I have to do much more to ensure proper install of windows and MS
Office, than finding an outside vendor may be wise.

- The final issue is if I want NVDA, can I uninstall Narrator and make
NVDA the primary screen reader, once all is installed?

Thanks once again!
David Russell

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